The fight to preserve Mays Chapel Park is, sadly, close to over.

Mays Chapel Action Group

The Mays Chapel Action Group is composed of the Straffan Condominium Association, the Towns of Doolan Homeowner Association and the West Padonia Road Community Association. Together we represent the owners of over 160 condominiums, townhomes and individual homes located along the southern and western boundaries of Mays Chapel Park in the community of Mays Chapel North in Timonium, Maryland.

We are strongly opposed to the construction of an elementary school on any portion of Mays Chapel Park. We have worked with and been part of other groups who also believe that building a 700-seat elementary school at Mays Chapel Park is not the best or most cost-efficient way to address school overcrowding in the York Road corridor.

The Mays Chapel Action Group was formed when Baltimore County advanced plans to build the school on the park's western parcel - a parcel encumbered by Program Open Space restrictions - rather than on the parcel owned by the Baltimore County Board of Education. We are firmly opposed to placing the school on the western parcel and have so informed County and State officials.

Latest Status

As anyone who has recently been near the park knows, site development work for the school has begun. It appears that our efforts to stop construction of the school there have been unsuccessful. Further, although clearing of the trees and preparation of the site have focused primarily on the Roundwood Road side of the park, there has been no indication that plans for situating the school on the western parcel have changed.

Should there be any change in status, we will alert you. Meanwhile, we want to thank those of you who have worked so hard to save the park and to press for a more appropriate site for the school.

Posted May 26, 2013